From time to time we aim to bring something exclusive to the website.    ICE is the first of two Sew a row  Quilts that will be delivered row by row over the next ten weeks.

Sue Griffiths, Sharon Reid, Corinne Curtis, Gini Scanlan and Helen Kent worked hard to design this fabulous and quite unique Sew a Row which I am sure you will agree is simply beautiful.

This and FIRE, the second quilt, will be displayed at the 2018 Festival of Quilts, on the British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Stand for you all to see the intricacy of the work.

Here’s a quick look at the quilting during construction

First glance it might look daunting, but week by week the individual designers will reveal their hints and tips for their individual row, and the full pattern and instructions will appear in the UKQU Merchandise shop here online for you to download for free.   We are hoping perhaps you will show off your interpretations and colourways over at the UK Quilters United Facebook Group once they are complete.   Remember you can rearrange the rows how you like them, and choose your own colours too.  Embellish or not and quilt how you prefer.   You might like raw edge applique, but add the appropriate seam allowance to the patterns and some lend themselves to needle turn too if that’s your thing.    The Quilt Police won’t be looking over your shoulder, but we really are looking forward to seeing what you make of them.

One of the designers has already created an alternative colourway, Black Ice, and here is a sneaky look before it reached the quilting stage.

Week one is starting with Corinne Curtis and her views from the lovely island in the Orkneys, where she used to live.   Most of the group have taken their inspiration from their surroundings.    Take a trip across to her blog now to see which is her row, and you will find the first row pattern and instructions available in the UKQU Merchandise Shop too.

Can you guess who created which row .. and who the finisher was.  All will be revealed over the coming weeks.