More words from Scott Fortunoff, the guy from FreeSpirit!   He is certainly innovative, and it would be fabulous to see our UK shop owners joining in with his challenge.  Keep in mind that Jaftex is based in the US, but have representatives worldwide.   In his own words …

I have some news to report that I am sure you will be happy to hear….I hope. It is August 4th and the August 2018 JAFTEX Facebook Live Shop Tour Challenge is off to a nice start with 3 shop videos submitted thus far. Personally, my month off from social media has been nothing short of hard work, but such is life. I can handle it and to be quite honest, I am loving this challenge, I love seeing all these different shops and I love seeing how they all differentiate themselves.

So the elephant in the room is the fact that I didn’t make the challenge worldwide. With that being said, over the past couple of days I have heard from people that I am not being fair and so on and so fourth. That was not my intent at all and I am a pretty fair guy…at least, I thought I was fair. I thought I would start out with baby steps and see how things played out….kind of like a trial run. However, since people did present this to me nicely and because I am a reasonable person, I am going to open the challenge up to quilt shops around the world. Hooray! Bring it on!

Here is how things are going to go:

Canadian shops will be included in the US rules and if a Canadian shop wins, I will be going to Canada and that shop will get all the same prizes as a US shop would. Oh, Canada!

As for the rest of the world including Alaska and Hawaii, there will be a second challenge for all of you. The shop outside of the US and Canada with the most likes on my @jaftexpresident Facebook Page will win 10 free bolts of fabric from any of my companies shipped to you at my expense. I would urge that winning international shop to partake in some sort of charitable component for winning this challenge, but that would just be on the honors system. The crazy thing is that the charitable component is probably my favorite part. I hope this is clear. Again, if there are any questions, please post them here or on my @jaftexpresident Facebook page and they will be answered. Please DO NOT COMMUNICATE QUESTIONS TO ME ANY OTHER WAY. Thank you.

Finally, I have some stuff to get off of my chest. Since buying FreeSpirit my world has been flipped upside down at least 5 times……per day. I never knew there could be so much drama over fabric. With that being said, I would like to urge everyone to just take a step back. Take a breathe. Then I would like you to imagine what is going on at our company. Please have some compassion for us. Yes, we are still dealing with madness and new problems every day. Yes, we are addressing all these problems. The world is not perfect, nor are we. We are doing the best we can and taking everything one day at a time. When we first bought the company I asked for everyone’s patience and that patience has run dry….very quickly. Please realize that not that much time has gone by in fabric years and things are still in flux.

I beg of you all to be calm. Be nice. Be understanding. Communicate your problems with US. We are nice people working hard to right the ship. In due time, this will all be a thing of the past, but in the meantime guys, please ease up on all the drama. Every issue doesn’t have to be posted on Facebook for the world to see as that isn’t constructive. I have been pretty open about sharing my contact info and you are free to contact me to discuss problems. ([email protected]) You can also contact customer service as the entire team is working the phones all day long. I know everyone is happy that FreeSpirit isn’t gone forever, so I ask you to please cut us some slack. We need to tone the drama down and get back to focusing on business. Are you with me? I sure hope so.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Please have an excellent weekend. And to all shop owners out there, start sending in your videos….you got this. And to end this off, there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Once you get past the first video, the next one will be even easier.