From time to time there is a madness that develops amongst facebookers who start to develop a need to swop.   It’s a great way of meeting new people, enjoying others interpretation of a theme and a brilliant way of creating a randomised quilt.    Hence the Block Swop.  In the UKQU fraternity the block swoppers often sing.  Quite why nobody knows, but it keeps the whole thing light-hearted and we just enjoy it.

Over the years there have been all sorts of different swops, and in some cases non-swop block swops, like the seaside swop, and the house swop which was designed by one of the FB administrators, Carol Munro.

The challenge this time was for Juliet’s Cross with You.   This involved low volume fabrics mixed with Blue to create a chosen number of blue cross 10 inch blocks.   Everyone joining in was asked to commit to a number of blocks and submit them to Juliet, and in return at some point they would receive the same number back, each made by someone else.    They had to be created to the brief and the maker had to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the mixed up blocks to be returned.   What happens once they arrive back with the maker is entirely their own decision.

Perfect.  Simple.  Except on this occasion circumstances got in the way and unfortunately Juliet was unable to action the swop as she would usually, so ‘volunteered’ my house for the swopover.  Never a problem of course, but circumstances conspired against us;  Festival of Quilts came and went and the box of envelopes were still sat there so an appeal for assistance was sent out.   This was certainly not a one girl job.

Today, Sunday 19 August, almost a month past the deadline, Maggie Lloyd-Jones and Arlene McLeish arrived to sort and action the swop.    Along with a bottle of Prosecco to lubricate the action as they say.  You would think jiggling selections of blocks up and putting them back into envelopes would be simple.   Ha.  Do not believe it.   Making sure everyone gets a randomised selection – each block created by a different person – in the correct amount and in the right envelope is a feat of magic!   Thank goodness there were three of us.  Once selecting, one collecting and one checking and sealing.   Phew.

OK, so the Prosecco was left until afterwards, but we got there.  Monday morning my local post office will be sending them so at some point this week the sorted and sealed envelopes will be landing back with the participants.  



 I mentioned singing at the start of this article, but perhaps today  it should be matched to film titles

.. The Remains of Day


Thanks Maggie and Arlene, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and could not have done it without you!