Busman’s Holiday, that’s the term, isn’t it? This July I had a week off, relaxing in the sun, a little vino and time with the family. Then I realised that Jen Jones has announced that she is retiring and is holding the last exhibition at the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter so I squeezed in a trip. I could not miss the last one! I thought I’d share some of my photos with you.

Sunflower Red Paisley c. 1885
Selection of Paisley Shawls

Jen has been exhibiting over the last ten years, displaying her large collection of traditional Welsh quilts, paisley shawls and blankets of various types and styles but the time has come to bring it to an end with the appropriately named ‘Nos Da/Goodnight’. (You may guess Nos Da is goodnight in Welsh.)

Victorian Pieced Heart Quilt
Traditional Woollen Welsh Quilt
Detail of Wholecloth Quilting
Central Medallion Wholecloth

With this exhibition Jen has displayed snippets from the last ten years of displays, giving a wide example of the different ranges of antique quilts that she has acquired. From black and red woollen quilts to the elegant wholecloths of the 1930 Rural Industries Bureau (RIB). There were some Victorian pieced beauties, one with appliquéd hearts which wouldn’t look out of place in a modern home but all quilted by hand with a wide range of traditional designs.

Floral Patchwork

Jen has, over the years, been at the forefront of saving many antique quilts from the scrapheap and I would like to thank her for sharing her wonderful collection with us. Best wishes for the future Jen.

The ‘Nos Da/Goodnight’ exhibition runs until the 10th November 2018 at the Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter. For a full review of the exhibition, by Sheilah Daughtree, plus more photos, see Septembers issue of British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.