In my last blog I discussed learning to use rulers on your machines and designing with them.  The response was fantastic, so much so that I am going to have to look at repeating the class later in the year as this one has sold out.

I have also been asked many times to put on classes in relation to feathers, designing and breaking down white space, and freemotion quilting on domestic machines.

So ladies and gents, you may be please to know that I have created those classes as requested and they are advertised on my business web page

The feathers class is a 2 day course and is suitable for beginners and those who want to take their current feathers further.  This class will be on the 2&3 May 2019 and both longarm and domestic quilters are able to attend.  You will take your feathers from Simple to Showy and flighty and amaze your friends.


The Design course – Divide and Conquer  – Again this 2 day course is suitable for longarm quilters and domestic quilters alike.  It will be held on the 6&7 June 2019 and will show you how to take your quilting further, break down all that white space, and even create your own mini wholecloths that you can then expand upon if you wish.  You will never look at your quilts the same again, and will leave with so many ideas to take your tops onto the next level.


The domestic machine quilting class is again a 2 day course and will be held over two dates.  You will need to know your machine and how to set it up for freemotion quilting.  This course will get you out of the ditch and onto creating beautiful quilting designs, from simple to more complex.  Break down those blocks, create secondary designs, and break down that white space.  You will leave with a library of designs for you to take your quilting onto the next level. 

So if you or a friend are interested in taking any of these classes, please visit my web page for details on how to book them or contact me on [email protected]

I will over the next few posts be taking you through the latest quilt I am working on, well actually, there are two!!  Well you know me, I can’t sit still for long lol.  One of them will be a surprise to even me, as it is forming as it goes along, so fingers crossed for me for that one.  

Until the next post, Happy Quilting.