We talk often of the fabrics in Aldi .. read here the ‘big box retailer’ inference that Scott Fortunoff refers to when talking of Walmart in the US.   Its a matter of choice whether you buy or not .. but if we don’t support our LQS [local quilt shop] then we may see them going the way of many British high streets are becoming these days, empty and derelict with shops closing daily almost it appears.    

The internet is buzzing on some social media sites over indignation that some of the Jaftex Brands are appearing in the supermarket’s site online, even the Kaffe Fassett Collective.  Scott Fortunoff sets the record straight but it’s an interesting point to debate.    

Would it hurt for our own retailers here in the UK to use every means at their disposal to promote their products, including the likes of Amazon, or Ebay, or even the big box retailers?   Or should we shop for our bread in the supermarkets and the corner shop for a bag of sweeties?  Does this movement online remove the joy of shopping for our fabrics, the interaction with the fabric retailers and the choice, or widen opportunities to support our creation of beautiful quilts?   I am sure there is no right or wrong, but it’s a great debate … what do you say?


In Scott’s own words, 

Not too long ago I got an email that opened my eyes to the madness of what is occurring on the internet these days. In the email, the customer was writing to me asking how it was possible that a Studioe fabric was being sold on walmart.com? My first reaction was, “No Way.” So I clicked on the link and low and behold, one of the Studioe fabrics was in fact being sold on walmart.com despite Studioe products being for Quilt Shops Only (read: not for big box retailers).

Allow me to explain. In spite of the products being sold on the walmart.com site, it was not being offered by Wal-mart per se. It appears that like Amazon, Ebay and all these other selling sites that Wal-mart has a place where people can post their own items for sale and they of course take their cut of the sale. This is not unusual at all and goes on all the time these days. With that being said, before you come after me for selling Studioe to chain stores in the US, delve a little deeper and you will learn that not everything is what it appears to be. Just to confirm, Studioe is not sold to any of the big box retailers.

While I am discussing this, I might as well mention another interesting thing about the internet. You could go to a site like sears.com and you may see some fabric offered (not from any of our Quilt Shop Only Companies). In this case, the fabric is truly being offered by Sears. However, Sears is not stocking the items. They are just offering it and if someone buys the fabric, Sears has a company like Notions Marketing ship the product to the customer. Sears makes a little cut of the profit and so does Notions Marketing. What this boils down to is that Sears is using their website real estate to just try to sell as much stuff as they can without having to take stock in an item. It is kind of like free money if you ask me because it didn’t cost Sears much more than the space that the offer was taking up on its website. The internet presents lots of ways to make money without having to make big investments and this is just another one of those. If you have a nice idea like this one, please make sure to let me know.

Have a great week.

Setting The Record Straight Scott