A Christmas Gift for those in need.

This month’s gift is a gift to charity. Or to a friend or loved one.

Like most quilt groups ours often get involved in making charity quilts. We have made Quilts for Linus, Latch, Prem babies, Angel Babies, Fish & Chip Babies, Old Age and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure you will know of many other equally worthy causes.

Us crafters generally have an inbuilt need to create. I know my fingers itch to stitch every day.

I make lots for myself and gifts for family and friends. But the itch to stitch carries on. And so making for Charity begins. Sometimes it’s through an appeal put out when one of the Charities are running low on quilts.

And of course us Quilters always have a ‘small’ Stash to call upon to make said Charity Quilts. Quilters are very generous with their time and fabrics.

Today I want to focus on Fidget or Fiddle Quilts. The one above is the first one I made. A non sewing friend asked me to make a Fidget Quilt for her mother who was suffering from dementia.  My friend gave me some fabric from her daughter’s wedding dress and her own mother of the bride outfit to start me off.  Oh and a piece of tartan ribbon from the wedding too. She hoped these personal items might trigger her mum’s memory.  So this Fidget Quilt is quite a personal one.

What are they?

Well, they are small quilts generally around 20” Square, sometimes a bit bigger, sometimes a little smaller.

They are filled with bits and bobs for the owner to Fiddle or Fidget with.

They really are such fun to make.

Below is one my friend Gaynor made.


The idea behind them to sooth the hands and provide sensory and tactile stimulation for people with such conditions as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ADD, an Autism spectrum disability or others who would benefit from the comfort of using them.

How do you make them?

Here’s the fun bit.

Find a piece of spare fabric or a patchwork block or two you have left over from a bigger project. We are talking around 18” to 20”. Cut out a backing and wadding too. You can use your favourite method to make the little quilt up.

(Below another one made by our local Quilt Group)

I like to put my quilt top onto the wadding. Attach all the accessories, then place my quilt top and wadding right sides facing onto the background fabric. I then stitch all around leaving a gap to turn the quilt through. I hand stitch the opening closed and put a little quilting onto the finished work.

Sew, Go to your sewing box, cupboard room and pick out some interesting and fun accessories to attach to you ‘quilt top’.

What kind of accessories I hear you ask. Here are a few ideas to get you started.





Small soft toys

Pom poms

Button and button hole or fastener

Crinkly bits.

Things that can be fiddled with, opened and/or closed, different textures, wrinkly things, things that can be twisted, turned, done up and or undone, moved about.

Your local care home will probably know about Fidget or Fiddle Quilts and will most likely be thrilled to receive them.

For the knitters and Crocheters among you, you also see Fidget or Fiddle knitted or crochet versions.

Above is a Crochet one by Loopingly Made. Click on the link below to find out more.


I think most of us have been touched in some way by these issues and are more than happy to help out in anyway we can. Of course for us Quilters our Gift is our Love of Stitching.   Joy x