Have you been playing away at that sewing week/sewing retreat/workshop?

What do you need to take?

If you’ve never been to ‘play away’ then hopefully this will help, and even if you have this still might help you.

You’ll need plenty of lead in your pencil, or maybe you have a propelling pencil or pen?

If you’re going to a workshop then you will have most likely have been given a list of what you need to take, and this will often say – your normal sewing kit – but what exactly is that?  I always forget something.

I’ve been to my sewing group intending to finish that little EPP ornament that’s been hanging around for a while but I’ve forgotten to take the stuffing!  Another time I took the stuffing but didn’t have the right thread, and I’ve even taken everything but the needle!  Eventually it did get finished at home where I knew I had everything.

So I’ve tried to compile a list of what you might need, and the essentials – as I say I always forget something so if you think I’ve missed something please leave a comment and I can add it.

Spectacles/reading glasses – or you’ll see nothing.  Maybe a magnifier if you use one.

Now I’ve told you about the pencil, don’t forget the notebook.  Trust me there’s always someone else there who has a pattern or something else that really takes your fancy, and you can write in your notebook the make/website etc for perusal when you get home.

Your sewing machine and manual ( you might know if inside out but maybe you don’t )

Your sewing machine feet/screwdriver.

Plenty of spare sewing machine needles and bobbins (I’ve forgotten bobbins before and had to borrow – but what if no one uses the same make? )

An extension cable is a good idea, usually there are some but just in case you’re last one there, and you have to sit out in the corridor!  ( that nearly happened to me )


Hand sewing needles with sewing needle threader

Scissors – small and large

Unpick (doesn’t it always go wrong when you don’t want it to? – not that I’m saying you ever want it to go wrong)

Tweezers (love my tweezers – when your machine won’t work – that tension can’t be sorted – and there is that tiny tiny scrap of thread in the bobbin compartment that your fat fingers can’t grab)

Pins, pin cushion, binder clips.

Rotary cutter and spare blades.

Patchwork Rulers

Your cutting board .. I often take two sizes which helps if the space is limited.

Iron and ironing board – now I appreciate these might be a bit big to carry with you but maybe you have a mini version

Your project – pattern, fabric, wadding, interfacing, stabiliser, spray adhesive, quilters safety pins.

Sewing shoes  or slippers.  Yes, I don’t like to sew in my outdoor shoes!!!  So I have sewing shoes (well they’re just a pair of flat pumps really, but I call them my sewing shoes)

Extra projects if it’s not a workshop that you’re going to – I can guarantee that when you see what everyone else is doing, you’ll think yours is boring and wished you’d taken something else.

Your camera – you can take pictures with it!

Money – someone always wants some off you for one thing or another.

Extra supplies are important.  If you are with me then bring chocolate, or I am happy to settle for cake of course.

And obviously last but not least don’t forget the kitchen sink.

And have a great time, don’t forget to share your photo’s with us.