This November I went to the Houston Quilt Festival. This was my first time ever! I had a total of 4 quilts in the show, can you imagine?

I arrived on Wednesday late in the afternoon, but decided to go to Preview night right away.

As I had a registered show pass I could walk by all the people waiting in line, what an advantage.

I was told it would be immense, 4 halls, 3 filled with shops and one full of quilts. Immense it definitely was!

But not crowded at all, because the “streets” between the exhibits are really wide.

On Preview night I visited my 4 quilts in the show.

I met Luana Rubin at the Love your mother exhibit.

This is my quilt Mother earth is losing her marbles. I depicted the 7 continents with their endangered wildlife.

As you can see Mother Earth is barely holding on She needs our help.

The second exhibit I visited was the International Miniature Quilt Exhibit.

Here I met Ricky Tims. He was really interested in everybody’s quilts and where we were from.

I forgot to take a picture with him, but here are a couple of photos.

My quilt Mum’s garden, top middle. The International quilts hung on top, the American quilts on the bottom.

My friend Inge and her partner Zohra exchanged their quilts here as theirs were not chosen for the exhibit.

The whole project was aimed at promoting quilting and friendship between the participants. You can see that that definitely worked out.

Next episode will follow soon as I have lots more to tell you.