So, having made your Tigers (see this post for details) you will find that there are various variations..

Start by joining the blocks together with all the stripes going the same way – you will note that your eye does not see a straight line where the blocks meet… You can cut this into narrower sections

If you set the narrow bits with one of the colours on each side, you get little “windows”

If you add one colour to one side and the second to the other, you get nice interlocking fingers…

Vary the width of the striped sections and the outer parts…

Here’s another game – start with three pieces of fabric instead of two, layer (right sides up, don’t forget) and cut as before

Re-arrange and sew together, this time you get three blocks

Like so

And you can cut pieces from these blocks and inset as above.. It’s really hard for anyone to make “irrational” stripes deliberately – this makes it easy..

Four colours?


Make narrower stripes?\

Or just lots and lots of blocks..