Each year I review what I have managed to achieve in the past year, and then I make my New Year Resolutions, and also list the things that I would like to achieve in the coming year. It is around the end of the year that I do this, just to give me more time to finish some things off! I’m looking at this list now, and my resolutions, and wondering whether I’ve succeeded.

For many years now one of my resolutions has been to use more fabric than I buy…now that really is enough laughing – no, seriously, stop, because if you keep on laughing like that you will do yourself an injury! Okay, so I haven’t managed to stick to that resolution, but I have managed to use a lot more fabric that I own in quilts. I’ve used a jelly roll to make a quilt to raise money for a church. One of my quilts was raffled for a local charity – ChemoHero. I’ve managed to make 13 quilts of various sizes for Project Linus – and I have 3 other quilt tops due to be quilted for them. I’ve finished the quilt my mum made for my niece – I just needed to quilt it. I also quilted a wall-hanging that I’d done some years ago on a curved piecing course.

Quilt that was raffled for ChemoHero

Jelly Roll quilt made to raise funds for a church

One of my resolutions has been to complete more craft projects – and this I have generally managed to do. I’ve actually managed to complete some things – including a free-motion practise quilt, a blanket angel (from a workshop we did with my quilting group). I have finished piecing two Block of the Month quilts, and I’ve tried really really hard to keep up with two of the BOMs that I’ve signed up for this year.

Quilting a wall-hanging that I made at a workshop – the workshop was at least 8 years ago!

A non-quilting achievement is that I have done some ParkRuns – and managed to get faster each time – by a minute a mile (not much to some people, but to me – not a natural runner – a great achievement). I’ve started tap-dancing again, and also played tennis on the outside courts of our local park from May up until the start of December (to continue when there are sunny days, with little wind).

My ParkRun results – I never thought that I would get to the stage where I would be eager to get out and go for a run (okay, a run combined with walking) – and would be determined to get out and get going, and get better at it!

I have had some pretty big achievements as well this year. I have written blogs here on UKQU website, and been given the opportunity to review some items – and a craft show. Earlier in the year I blogged about the Quilting Journal that I had started at the start of the year. You may be wondering how far I got with it? Well, the truth is that I am no further on than I was when I blogged about it. Thinking about it now, I ask myself what I’ve been doing the rest of the year? I know that I’ve done quite a lot of training – and that involved quite a bit of homework too. I discovered that I needed a better light, as the one I had was not good enough for sewing or embroidery at night.

An unashamed selfie, as I was not aware that the Fire and Ice quilts would be at the October Craft4Crafters show – and I designed one of the rows – hence the selfie!

There are so many other things that I’ve managed to achieve this year, including speaking in front of my district and town council. I have appeared on stage as the good fairy in our local pantomime. I have attended the Bloggerati retreat and made new friends there, I’ve got involved in new projects, and been prompted to do more to help vulnerable young people, and also done some needle felting for the first time.

A favourite role – as I really loved wearing that dress! I won’t spoil the surprise as to which character I play in panto this season!

My first attempt at needle-felting – thanks to Furzie Felts, at Craft4Crafters, Shepton Mallet in October. Thanks also go to Craft Courses (to be found on Facebook), who provided me with the ticket and the place at the workshop.

So what does 2019 hold in store? As far as my local area, I will be working on doing all I can to keep our local park, and secure the necessary funding to show that we are pro-active and committed to doing all we can to keep and maintain the park. As a quilter – I shall be playing more with Angelina, Crystallina and Fusible film, and also do more with mixed media techniques and printing on fabrics. I intend to finish and quilt more outstanding projects (all those PHDs), and to finish the BOMs that I have started.

And what about the Christmas holiday itself? Well, as I write this at the start of December (although not finished until later, and certainly not published until much later) my plan is to get on with a few more projects over the Christmas period – to do some stitcheries, and to get up to date with the BOMs. I suspect that my plans for the holiday may be short-lived, but it doesn’t hurt to have some dreams…

Please do share your achievements, and also your plans – those for next year, and also those that you had for this year, whether you achieved them all or not!