In my last post I told you about Wednesday and Thursday  In the afternoon we had a date at the OURstory exhibit, again for a gallery talk about this exhibit. Unfortunately this was a No Photographs exhibit. The local newspaper did publish an article with a photo though.

Because of the article they posted it seemed the exhibition was political and a bit controversial.
You can read the article here

The exhibition was curated by Susanne Miller Jones. Here she is with her husband Todd at the quilt show. We went to dinner at Grotto restaurant together with a large group of participants, which was great fun.

On Friday I had a Headshot Photo session scheduled with Bonnie McCaffery.

Wow, she took hundreds of photos! Sitting, standing, smiling, being serious, I was really tired after an hour. The hardest part was to choose the pictures. There were so many great ones. Here are the results, I am extremely happy with these.


In the evening I went to the SAQA reception. I met quite a few people I knew by name from the world-wide-web and made a lot of new friends.


Saturday I did some shopping. I bought lovely stencils with an Eastern theme. A roll of Steam-a-seam 2, which I had never used before. Turns out it’s Great Stuff! Should have bought more as it isn’t available here.

At noon we had a book signing at the Cherrywood fabric booth. There were at least 18 artists there. Karla had provided a name badge for each of us with a picture of the quilt we have in the exhibition. So thoughtful! We signed each other’s books and of course customers’ books as well. Great fun!

I had noticed people walking around with small ribbons stuck to their entry passes. So I asked if they were for sale somewhere. I was taken to the organizers’ table where they had them. I just had to say I have 4 pieces in Special Exhibits, et voila, I received 4 of those ribbons. Of course I stuck them to my pass as well.

On Sunday I went to some short sessions at the Open Studios. Had my portrait stitched by Mingi Jung. A great artist from Korea. I especially love the way he drew my jacket.

In the evening I went to dinner with my friend Els from Saba.

This was a great way to finish my visit to Houston Quilt Festival 2018.

Of course I looked at all the quilts as well. There are many pictures on facebook of those. and here is the official list of winners with photos.