Well here is the final quiz for Christmas Day. this is a chance for all the maths brains to show their stuff. If that’s not you, don’t worry, its just a bit of fun. Besides everyone has a calculator on their phone these days.

We have a new version of ‘the Twelve Days of Christmas’. Sing along and enjoy it, but then, there’s a quiz! you’ll love it (trust me).

All right, here goes. Here’s the song (with illustrations)

All right, I know I haven’t got enough in row 11, but that’s just the way it is.

The big question is ….. are you ready for the quiz? Now the most important thing, be honest in your answers and remember DKDC is a perfectly valid answer (don’t know, don’t care), but its not worth any points.

Now I did promise a few answers. SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on if you want to keep working out the carols.

Firstly, the answers to Capital Carols

How did you do?

Secondly, the block matchup. You are going to be cross! Some of them are a bit dodgy.

And finally, the solutions for the 12 days of Christmas. It wasn’t so hard was it?