I have spent the last few months working on a course at work, Finally that it is almost complete, so I have dusted off my sewing machine ready to reignite my passion. I like to write a list to motivate me, so I wrote a list of projects I had started that I need to complete (this was done off the top of my head, without looking in boxes).

A little longer than I hoped for! But I am on a budget so I feel I need to finish these projects before I justify the cost of new fabric for more projects.  Jack has asked for his Bargello quilt almost three years ago, in the summer he wants me to decorate the spare room from lilac to grey, then he will move into there and his small room will be free, for my sewing machine and craft bits.  I’m looking forward to having space, not having to clear away off the dining room table in the lounge every evening.

I have always been interested in foundation paper pieced designs, the block of the month I’m currently making has introduced me to this skill. I had a practice run which went ok, so I ploughed on with the blocks, it was incredibly fiddly but I’m hoping with time this will improve.

I have a small confession to make as well, I have discovered the world of Luna Lapin and friends. I’ve finally finished Luna, I’m considering making her a dress from the book but I have put the fabric I used for her feet and ears in a safe place 😬. When I find it again I will make her dress, I’ve never made an item of clothing before so any advice would be grateful received.