The Quilter’s Flexible Curve is the perfect tool for creating your own designs, especially those involving wavy or curved lines. As the name suggests it is a very flexible tool and will hold its shape until changed. There are metric measurements on one side and imperial on the other making it easy to produce unique patterns for your quilts and textile art. You can trace along both sides to give a parallel line to serve as a seamline and there is a short YouTube video available if you wish to see this amazingly flexible curve in action;

Sew Easy Flexible Curve

Particularly suitable for landscape and bias designs, this is definitely one for your workbasket! Size: 50cm/20” RRP £6.99 (ER186).

Sew Easy specialist patchwork and quilting products are available nationwide from craft, hobby and sewing suppliers. You can learn more by watching demonstrations as well as discovering quilting tips and project ideas on the Sew Easy You Tube channel