Quick free pattern finds.

Who else has got to February and not thought about Valentine’s Day? We’re approaching our 25th wedding anniversary (think it’s next year?!) but we do still try and do something around Valentine’s – even if it is just a takeaway!

But have I thought about making anything, been out shopping for the perfect fabric, planned and organised what I’m going to do? Nope!

So, just in case I’m not alone, here are a few links to quick patterns that might help you. This selection is all from Moda. Of course, I’d be remiss in not mentioning the lovely patterns that appear in the February issue of British Patchwork and Quilting magazine! Love and Hugs and Zen Chic Grunge Hearts. You may also like to read my previous blog on where you can find free patterns on the web here: https://ukqu.co.uk/love-free-pattern-oh-yes-please/ 


Foundation pieced quilt block – ‘Just for You’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_heart-quilt-block.pdf

Modern Heart Quilt – ‘Latitude’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_latitude-batiks.pdf

Quilt – ‘Surrounded by Love’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_surrounded-by-love.pdf

Hankie – ‘Moustache Hankie’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_mustache-hankie.pdf

Valentine Cards – ‘Made with Love’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_chemistry.pdf

Table Runner – ‘Always and Forever’ www.unitednotions.com/fp_chemistry.pdf