The patchworks done and the backing chosen.  You have sourced the wadding so now you need to think about putting the layer together ready to quilt.

If you are lucky enough to have one of the many different longarm machines out there then it’s said to be much easier using them, but what about this brand new to the market AFQ.

After years of research into the ergonomics of posture, the stress on the shoulders of the quilter using a domestic machine the boffins that understand these things have come up with this brand new concept.  We can’t show the mechanics of how it works .. this is still in development .. but it is hoped by April next year it will start to be rolled out into production.  The above picture is an early prototype.

Why is it different.   Well, simple.   The AFQ fits any domestic sewing machine and converts it into an automatic quilting machine.   Programmed by remote control to create stunning patterns without the need to wrangle the quilt through small harps and reduce the stress on your shoulders.

Once this comes to market the AFQ will revolutionise the way we complete our quilts .. forever.

Just where will we be able to find this amazing invention?  Just one place here in the UK will be stocking this and orders need to be places asap.

Use the code  April Fools Quilters!