With Summer and Wimbledon upon us this darling little strawberry pincushion can be made quickly and simply using scraps of fabric. It’s not my design – it came from a link from the Fave Quilts website but I had fun making it. Please use this for your own use or to give as a gift.

You need approx. 6” x 8” (15cm x 20 cm) of fabric, small piece of green and pink or white felt, a short length of ribbon, a button and cotton to sew it together. It can be ‘stuffed’ with wadding, rice or sand. You can even hand or machine sew.

I also lined the ‘strawberry’ with calico just to give it a more robust feel given I intended to use it as a pincushion.

Template and cutting out: Cut your fabric (and optional calico lining) as a segment of a circle as shown below. Here comes the maths – the circle will be approx 7″ diameter (radius 3 ½ inch). 135 degree angle on the circle (90 + 45 degrees is the easiest way to find it). 



As I was going to use my strawberry as a pincushion I decided to line it with calico to give the ‘outer shell’ more stability (you might need to do this depending on the fabric and filling being used).

As you see from the picture below I drew and stitched lines from the point to the outer edge before sewing the joining seam. TIP – you could ‘free motion’ a design of your choice if you wished before sewing the side seam.

Fold and stitch a half inch seam down the length of the ‘strawberry’ right sides together.

At the’ pointed edge sew across in a curve to create a smoother finish.

Trim the top corner and turn right side out.

Sew small ‘gathering’ stitches along the outer edge with double thread to use as a drawstring. Gently gather the ‘strings’ in leaving enough of a ‘hole to add your filling.

Add the filling of your choice (sand, pudding/short grain rice or wadding) then pull in the remainder of the drawstring to close the hole. Add a few stitches to secure the filling in place. (I filled mine with rice as I needed the weight to use as a pincushion).

Construct your leaves and petal as shown in the images below. I found it easier to construct this as one piece first before pinning and sewing to the ‘strawberry’.

I made a short slit at the centre of star leaf and petal shapes first.

Start with the ‘star leaf’, add the 2 smaller leaves and thread the ribbon through. Stitch in place making sure you stitch the ribbon in place too.

Thread the ribbon through the flower head – don’t worry about stitching this yet – the button will hold it in place later.

Pin to the strawberry at its widest part then hand sew – blanket or overcast stitch is fine. Add a button as a final embellishment.

The finished strawberry can be used as a pin cushion, paperweight or, why not make a basket of them as a centrepiece for the table? Increase the pattern size slightly if you want to vary the size. I keep mine in the flip down front of my sewing machine – it comes in really handy when I want somewhere to stick my pins when I’ve left bigger pincushion at the other side of the room!

These strawberry pincushions would make a wonderful project to use as a lovely little starter to encourage newbies into sewing and they make great stocking fillers too.

If you’ve enjoyed this and want to try something else, why not check out Corrine’s free Tiny Owl pattern on UKQU.co.uk Isle of Quilts’ shop. They are really sweet and take next to no time to make.

Happy sewing everyone.

Carol Lightburn

Twitter: @quiltsewgo