I was lucky enough to be chosen to review a product recently and I duly received a package containing two rulers, Sew Easy 60 Degree Triangle and Sew Easy Half Diamond.

Like most quilters I have more than one ruler but I have very few speciality rulers so was keen to see what I thought of these.  They came with brief instructions but one thing I thought was lacking was a link to a website or tutorial.  In the days of all things video and YouTube I would love to have seen a link I could have visited quickly and easily.

First up the triangle ruler.  I cut my strips 1/2″ wider than required finished size and then started to cut the triangles.  It is a very flexible ruler in that you can cut many different sized triangles using it and the markings were easy to see.

A couple of different layouts easily spring to mind, although there are other layouts and shapes that could be achieved with rulers.  Due to an injured elbow, I was unable to do more cutting than was absolutely necessary but by my reckoning you could cut diamonds and trapeziums of different sizes with this ruler.

What I thought could have easily been added to the instructions, and would have been very useful, was a quick picture of how to place the triangles together before sewing.  As it turns out with these you place right on top of each other and sew but sometimes angles are a little tricky and you have to offset the ends to get the pieces to line up.


I just sewed up an strip and would need to put a 1/2 triangle at the ends to square it up but there are lots of possibilities for quilts with this triangle. If you join row by row you are able to press the seams of each row in alternate directions so you can easily nest the seams for a great finish.


 I headed over over to pinterest and searched 60 degree triangle quilt, maybe you would like to see?  Head over here and I’ll see you back here in 2 hours!!

Then came the half diamond ruler.

This ruler had straight edges at the sides so I slid it up and trimmed off the points.

I thought this would give the line along which to sew your 1/4″ seam but it didn’t.  As you can see below when sewn with a 1/4″ seam there is going to be a square top to your diamonds.

I sewed up one with the trimmed edges and one without and both seemed to work!  I am sure there is a reason for doing one or the other but the week after working at Festival of Quilts is not the week to be taxing my brain.  Again, this is where a quick video to reference would have been very much appreciated.

I think I would generally use this ruler with fabric folded to achieve an actual diamond.

The Sew Easy Triangle Ruler

I found the triangle ruler available for £9.00

I like the versatility of being able to cut lots of different sizes and shapes from just one ruler

And a few quilts may have just crept on to my to do list!

from Pinterest
from Pinterest

The Sew Easy Half Diamond Ruler

I found the half diamond ruler available for £14.99

I couldn’t intuitively come to grips with this ruler but, as stated above, my brain is pretty much shot this week and I will return to this ruler and figure out a good use for it.

In conclusion, you certainly do not need these rulers as both shapes can be achieved with just a regular straight line ruler with or with angles marked on it, but if you fancy making some of the lovely quilts with triangles or diamonds then they would definitely make life easier and the cutting quicker – now who doesn’t like that?!

And just one more because we all like eye candy!!


Dangling Diamonds by Marlene Oddie of Kissed Quilts