Well, before starting to write a Blog on Flange Binding, I did a search and found two Blogs that contained the word ‘Flange’. One was by Ruth Garner for her beautiful Northern Lights Mini Quilt that she made for this years’ UKQU Swap and the other was by our Founder of UKQU, Juliet Nice.

From Ruth’s photo and Juliet’s photo and description, it looks like they both added their Flange as a piece of folded fabric with the cut edges togther and aligned along the edge of the quilt and sewn down, before adding the binding in the normal way.

My Flange binding (not mine really – I think I found it on Youtube or Pinterest!) is made up of the Flange fabric and the Binding, sewn together and folded in half and then sewn on the edge of the Quilt. See Photos below:


You will need sufficient fabric to reach all round the quilt in both the contrasting Flange fabric and the Binding. Cut the Flange fabric 1.50″ wide and the Binding 1.15″. Match the edges and sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.

Press the seam open and then fold over, matching the cut edges. You should see a wider Flange fabric than Binding. Pin the binding to the WRONG side of your sandwiched quilt. Sew, allowing a quarter inch seam. You may trim the edges so the binding lays nicely.

Fold over to the RIGHT side and press the fold.

Pin the binding down. Machine close to the seam on the Flange side. When you get to the corner neatly fold the Binding, aligning the Flange, and continue to sew the next side. Repeat with the other three corners. Join the Flange and Binding ends in the usual way. Press the edges to make sure the binding edge is ‘sharp’.     Et voila!!!