There’s nothing more frustrating than snagging a garment that inevitably results in a loose thread or, when you’re machine sewing or quilting, it is all too easy for stray threads to become enmeshed in the fabric layers but Clover have just the right tool for coming to the rescue!The Soft Touch Thread Pick is a very fine and efficient tool that glides through the fabric surface leaving no marks or punctures. The hook latches onto the stray thread, making it easy to pull through.

Featuring the same ergonomic handle design as the Soft Touch Crochet Hook, the Soft Touch Thread Pick is the perfect tool for manipulating or removing stray threads. CL4910 RRP £8.56.


Curved Tailors Awl

Perfect for a variety of sewing tasks such as producing curves, feeding cloth accurately as you machine stitch as well as for manipulating or unpicking seams. The tip has a beautifully smooth finish to help avoid damage to your fabric or fingers. The pack includes diagrams and useful information.

Clover products are available nationwide from all good craft, sewing and hobby shops.

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