Christmas means so much to so many people. Our childhood memories of the celebrations and the family time are just so special. As a young adult I decided that Christmas was something we create for others, and in doing so, we create it for ourselves. And that is why we have the traditions, the ceremonies, the family rituals, the decorations, the music and of course, the food.

For me, I need the music. I need the Christmas Carols and the quiet expectant hush of the church before midnight mass. I need the shepherds surprised by the angel’s message, and the baby in the cradle.

This wall hanging I designed as part of a bloghop run by ‘Seams to be sew’ in 2017 and it is my take on the angels and the shepherds. (This year the theme is ‘My Happy Place’ but that is another story).

I love all the Christmas fabric we can buy and while they only comes out at Christmas, the wallhangings and tablerunners, tree skirts and of course Christmas stockings say something special about the season. Here is a table runner I designed a few years ago, it’s a simple pattern and quick to make.

Another Christmas ornament I have had a lot of fun with is a Christmas star. This star is made with EPP and springs up into 3 dimensions, but packs flat. I think this is a lot of fun, and I’ve added the pattern to my store.

With the ongoing war on waste, we all know Christmas can be a bit over the top, so to save wrapping paper, I’ve made a series of reusable gift bags. They are quick to make and can be personalised with applique or children’s drawings or names. I’ve made them calico and a Christmas trim, they could just as easily be made with Christmas fabric or brightly coloured solids. I think the biggest benefit for me is the time I save not having to wrap presents. Once made, these will last a lifetime.

I’ve worked out the dimensions so you can get 16 bags out of 2 metres with no waste, and the pattern is available as a free download.

When my children were little, they each had a big bag like these to stash their loot. It saved a few tears as nothing was lost and they could keep their treasures safe.

I wish you all the best for a very happy Christmas, and hope you create many happy Christmas memories for all you meet this Christmas.