This year we are doing something different for Christmas here at the website … something that will bring everyone a gift from us, but we want to make this work for everyone. And there’s a charity involved too.

We have given our wonderful Bloggerati the Feature to play with, and they are beavering away now with lots of exciting ideas … A new Mystery for the season, a Christmas Quiz, a new story to read, lots of new patterns and new makes for you all.

But this year we would like to give something back, and for me it’s getting personal now.    I think it is likely personal for many of our members too.  Many of you might already know this, but my husband has been battling Leukaemia for almost five years .. he wasn’t ever expected to reach this far, but being the stubborn Yorkshireman that he is he keeps hanging on and we are going to celebrate a quiet Christmas at home together once more. When you live with a terminal illness you tend not to look too far ahead.

Over the years I have supported Bloodwise, the blood cancer charity, in lots of different ways, starting with the Quilt of Memories, which I am proud to report hangs permanently now in the Queens Centre Oncology Unit, Castle Hill Hospital near Hull and brings smiles to everyone.  There’s a lovely cafe there if anyone ever wants to pop and see it.   We raised almost £1000 for the charity and the hospital during that campaign.

Since then I have become a Bloodwise Ambassador, tasked with spreading the knowledge of the charity, who leads the way in research into Blood Cancers and are saving lives. is the best place for knowledge, help and support – they work tirelessly in this and if you need that support they will reach out in every way.  Did you know there are more than 365 different types of Blood Cancer ?

Why am I writing this … this year we are choosing Bloodwise as our charity.   But rather than asking for quilting related donations we are reaching out to everyone for sponsorship for the Twelve Days of Christmas feature.    We will donate 50% of everything raised to Bloodwise direct for them to carry on their great work.  The remainder will be ploughed back into the website development for 2020 .. we have great plans for things we know you will enjoy!

There will be a special Sponsor’s Blog running throughout the feature.. with everyone sponsoring able to contribute to that blog with their logo and message .. linking to the UKQU shop if they have one.    Details for donations will be released later  .. the signs of things taking off are already good!

This charity drive will feature throughout the Christmas event, and in the run-up to the promotional activity.   It really is a great way to get your names in front of a massive audience.    Almost 5000 website members … 2000 visits per week to the UKQU website … promotion into the leading quilting Facebook groups … UK Quilters United with 16500 members and lots more activity.    Where else can you reach that many people and benefit a worthwhile cause!

Send me [Sylvia Priest] a message via Facebook or email [email protected] to get involved.