For December I really wanted to find a Christmassy, feel-good book, something to take the stress out of the festive season. The first book I picked had Christmas in the title, so seemed promising. Having read the story, it didn’t provide the warm fuzzy feeling I was hoping for and the quilt theme wasn’t as prevalent either. Searching my database for possible alternatives, I found another book with a festive title; unfortunately it wasn’t a stand-alone book, but rather the second in a series. I quickly read the first book and then started on my intended Christmas book. Both of these books were great reads, BUT (there always is a but!) then someone in one of our Facebook groups mentioned a brand new book set around Christmas written by someone in their quilting group.

With that long pre-amble, drum roll please, the book we are reading during December is The Christmas Holiday by Sophie Claire. It is available as paperback, Kindle and audio book.

Evie, the brand new shop owner of The Buttonhole has restarted her life after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman. Jake is hiding from the world as he gets to terms with the death of his wife. The two meet as Evie is knocked down from a stepladder by the dalmatian Smoke. Evie is the ever optimist, whereas Jake just sees darkness.

In this story, Sophie Claire has created a lovely story of two lost souls who help each other survive Christmas. 

Thank you to Marian K who suggested the book!

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PS. Don’t forget that we have two books written by members of UK Quilters United; UK Quilters United by a common thread (paperback, editor Julie Passey) and UK Quilters United by a second thread (paperback and Kindle, editor Nina Danielsson). Both are available to purchase on Amazon.