Now that I am retired  each and every day feels like a holiday!

Nevertheless  I went on a proper holiday to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for November and December, what a luxury, I know!

view from our balcony

The weather was amazing! One would constantly forget it was Christmas time. We spent our days being lazy, reading in the sun, going for long walks, having dinner outside a lot, even cruising. What else do you want?

Well, something Textiles, right?

Of course we went to one of my favourite museums, the Cornell Art Museum, in Delray Beach, a lovely little town nearby. The museum  In the past I visited some quilt exhibitions there and an interesting exhibition about Crayola crayons.
This time “Art Couture: the intersection of art and fashion”, an exhibit with fashion of local artists and other artwork inspired by fashion. Here are some pictures of works that I found really inspiring.

Dresses by Amanda Perna
Dress by Amanda Perna
dress made of recycled materials by Sonia Sanches Arias 

Sonia Sanches Arias dresses were completely made of recycled materials, very inspiring.

I also loved these polyester life-sized 3D pieces. They made me think of the paper dolls we used to play with, constantly changing their outfits.

Rick Lazes

Becky Rosa, Karl Lagerfeld  and Chanel

Next blog: more holiday textiles.