I’ve been sent a wonderful collection of fabrics from Makower called Sail Away. Consisting of 9 different designs in different colour ways. There is also a double edged scenic border and a panel 24×44 containing 6 different designs.

On the reverse of the illustration is also 4 free patterns you can download. A picnic/lap quilt, cushions, beach bag and a child’s dress. Such a lot of wonderful ideas to get your teeth into.


And if that isn’t enough, I’ve had a go at something else for you.

I received a selection of 10 inch squares, as always their quality is wonderful. They cut and stitch beautifully. Here’s what I made. I decided to use the two panels with crabs on and the narrow stripe pattern.

I designed my own crab,


Feel free to print out my design or draw your own.


I decided to use the lighter colour as his body and the darker colour as his legs with mainly the stripe as the underneath of his body.


Place the pieces onto the fabric and cut out, remembering to leave a seam allowance. Or maybe you have drawn yours big enough to already include it.

Stitch with designs right sides together so you can turn them right sides out. Do not stitch the body. (For the eagled eyed amongst you on the next picture you can see I made that mistake! ) If you make the same mistake as me and do not want to unpick you could attach your legs with buttons. Turn right sides out and stuff, leaving a small amount unstuffed at the edge where it is to be attached to the body.

Arrange where you want your legs to go on the body and pin.

Remember to put the top of the legs against the design for the top of the body . I flipped my legs into position to check

Stitch to the body top. I stitched each set of legs separately as they have become quite bulky in the space that will become the body.

This is the tricky bit. Fold all the legs into the centre of the body. I then pin and tack. Making sure You don’t catch any of the legs inside the body. Body fabrics right sides together.

Then I machine stitched it leaving a gap I could turn it right sides out and pull out all the legs.


Stuff the body and hand stitch the opening closed


Finally a couple of big buttons from my button tin and he is completed.


I am very pleased with him. I would NOT recommend you give to small children due to small parts that are easily swallowed. I’m sure small children would love to chew his legs too and therefore I recommend he is either for display only or for older children. Have a go. I look forward to seeing your crabby crabs.