Social Media Safety 2: Facebook

Right we are all familiar with Facebook, are we aware of some of the scams on Facebook? Are we aware of maybe some quick etiquette tips?

I don’t want to sound preachy and controlling. We are all wonderful humans! And in that, we are all very different! it would be very boring if we were, all the same, wouldn’t it. So, can I just say, if you don’t like something that has been posted either just scroll on by, or use the 3-button feature to hide the offending post.   Now I’m not saying to ignore anything that is horrifically offensive (racist, violent or illegal) but by the same measure, those posts can be reported to the Facebook police using the same process.

Our admins do an absolutely smashing job monitoring the groups as it is. Creating competitions attracting new members and organising swaps. They are not there to police your disagreements. It may be an oldey ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say (or type) anything at all’

Now on to the good old Facebook scams…

Do you know everyone on your friends list? I mean do you really. I cannot tell you how many ppl on my friends list I was shocked to see I did not know! A bit of a Facebook friend cull isn’t going to offend anyone. (unless you obviously start getting rid of actual friends!)

I only bring this up because everyone on your friends list can see what you post. Not only that but if you don’t have your Facebook security settings done, friends of your Facebook friends can see what you have posted, if your Facebook friends tag you, or if you tag them. If they comment or if they share. You can control your friends, but you can’t control your friends, friends.

Now Scam 1: random messages. I can honestly tell you that quiet recently this scam was attempted on me! Oh, dear and I did have to question WHY! (remember from the last blog). So an old family friend of mine messaged me:


Friend: ‘Do you happen to have Paypal by any chance? Hope everythings well x’

Me: ‘Yes I do lovely, all ok’

(bit of background I run my own business that I use Paypal to take payments for, this friend has had orders off me in the past, so I wondered if this said person was after another order.)

Friend: ‘I’m having a nightmare getting into my paypal so I was wondering if you could receive a payment from ebay for me then transfer it over to my bank? Would be a massive help x ‘


I hope that the warning bells are all going off for all of you now, they should be

Me: ‘Bit random to ask me? Doesn’t anyone in your family have paypal?’

Friend: ‘Sadly not, else I wouldn’t ask, Sorry if its 2 much to ask for’


You do not need to understand Money laundering to understand that this person is not your friend and they are trying to get you to handle some naughty money, move it around a bit and then send it on. It is called layering (disguising the origin of illegal proceeds by hiding the trail with lots of transactions).

Tip 1 : click on your friends profile using the link in Facebook messenger (INSERT PICTURE HERE). It’s either going to take you to a false profile page, that the naughty person has made using images from your friends real Facebook page. Or it will take you to your friends real Facebook page. At that point they have been hacked. Some one is in their Facebook profile pretending to be them. You could text them on their mobile and let them know they have been hacked.

Tip 2 : If you have cracked that its not your friend then you can either ignore responding to those messages. Or you can let the naughty person know….. now only the brave should do this, I wont repeat the messages that were sent to me after I revealed I knew it wasn’t my friend, but they weren’t nice, pleasant and were fuelled vitriol with info that she had seen on my own profile. Best to just leave the messaging at that point and maybe report the profile to Facebook as hacked.

Tip 3: If you do genuinely believe that this is your friend, text them. Ring them, contact them via any means other than Facebook messenger. Then you know you are defo speaking to your friend, and you can ask them a little bit more about that Paypal transaction (note it’s not only Paypal, they may ask you to buy vouchers for them or use your own bank account for them). You never know, your friend may well be a victim of fraud not releasing it.

Scam 2: These little Facebook games…..? Designed to be a little fun aren’t they? Quite funny I mean ‘What’s your unicorn name?’ Chipper Zany Orange Creamsicle, yer I kinda get the sillness and innocent nature of it all.

But do you know you have just given some info away here. Even if you have chosen to not disclose your birthday on your Facebook profile, you have just told me that your born in September. I know, I know, small amount of info there. But what if you do LOADS! And I have seen them with random things on there, mother maiden name, grand dads middle name, first pet etc, colour of underwear.

They seem completely innocent, but do you know what they are revealing? Do they not remind you of reset questions for password resets? (maybe not the underwear 🙂 )

You are giving away tiny tiny amounts of information that someone savvy enough will use to try and get those passwords reset. My tip DON’T DO THEM! Or do them in your head, have a giggle and move on. No sharing.

So, this blog ended up being very long. SORRY I do hope that it all makes sense and that you’ll join me on my next blog.


  1. Han

    particulalrly with all the FB games, I have a friend who does the lot and reposts all sorts of nonsense. I have made the decision to put her on a restricted access status -she’s still my friend but I need to limit the damage she might do. When I have as gently as poss suggested that some of the things she gets into on FB may not be a good idea she just says she doesnt understand……