It is almost April and it is time to reveal the next book in the UKQU Book Club. I have selected a book which was suggested by one of our Facebook members (thanks SB!) and I hope that you’ll enjoy this read. It’s a similar theme as the book we read i March, but I thought this should gently ease us back into reading and hopefully also discussing the books.

Mary Devlin Lynch and Debbie Devlin Zook have written a series of books (I’ve found eight!) about Miranda Hathaway and Cutler Quilt Guild Number One (as pointed out in the first book, there isn’t a Cutler Quilt Guild Number Two). The books are available as ebooks (including on Kindle Unlimited) as well as printed.

Miranda lives with Harry, now the cat rather than the husband, loves Jeopardy! and solving mysteries like in one of the many books she has read. During the day she works at the local library, and in her free time she supports the local community and has a habit of stumbling on mysteries.

The first book in the series is called The Quilt Ripper and it is a very easy read with great descriptions of the quilt group members and the local life in Cutler. I almost forgot, there is of course a handsome man involved, this time a former FBI agent.

Discuss the book

I had set up a Group for the UKQU Book Club here on the website, but it hasn’t really turned into a great place to chat about the books we read. Instead, please join us in UKQU SOCIAL on Facebook (please don’t use the main group!) for discussions. Please use the hashtag #ukqubookclub, so we can all join in.

Guess the next two books

For May and June I am picking two books with exactly the same title! These will both be revealed at the end of April and I hope you join me again then.

Our previous books in the book club

If you’d like to see what we have read already, I have listed our previous books in – UKQU Book Club – the books so far. A few of the books are part of a series of books, so you may have quite a few hours (or weeks) of reading ahead of you if you haven’t read them already.