If you are looking for something to keep you busy during the next few weeks you might fancy making your own embellishments, or simply having a bit of fun.

Just bear in mind there might be a delay in delivery, so check with your supplier for despatch dates.

Clover Pom-Pom Makers have never been easier to use, making them an ideal starter kit for any budding crafter regardless of age. Now available in a set of four, pom-pom making gives quick and very satisfying results and generates a lot of fun in the process. They are a great introduction to yarn crafts for children and adults alike.

Each Clover pom-pom maker incorporates a special measuring scale on the arch, making it really easy to create multi-coloured pom-poms where a degree of accuracy is called for. Knowing exactly where to switch colours adds to the enjoyment and ensures consistency when making several pom-poms in the same style.

Now you can change yarn colours with precision when using two or more colours for making toys and other items. These well-designed pom-pom makers also include triangular markings on the arch which help in keeping it stable and secure during use. Sizes included in set are:

85mm Extra Large

65mm Large

45mm Small

35mm Extra Small

This cute  Panda was designed by Torikotori and is made by using 65mm for the head, 85mm for the body, 45mm for the feet and other parts are pre-sold felting balls.  Just an idea on what you could be making.