It’s almost May and time to reveal our next book, or actually the next TWO books as last month I mentioned that the next two books have exactly the same title. The books are both called A Single Thread.

Our book for May was written by Marie Bostwick back in 2008. 

Bostwick’s version of A Single Thread is the first book in the Cobbled Court Quilts series and we get to know Evelyn, a recent divorcee, when she is settling into her new home and establishing friendships with the locals and three women in particular. 

  • Liza – an angry and troubled young lady who is forced to live with her aunt
  • Abigail – a widow and local socialite and also Liza’s aunt, who doesn’t take to kindly to the court order to care for her niece
  • Margot – a former marketing expert but now at a loose end with too much time on her hands

They are all brought together, some more reluctantly than others, via Evelyn’s new quilt shop. We follow the ladies through ups and downs as their friendships develop into something very special.

The books in the Cobble Court Quilts series;

  1.  A Single Thread
  2.  A Thread of Truth
  3.  A Thread So Thin
  4.  Threading the Needle
  5.  Ties That Bind
  6.  Apart at the Seams

Visit Marie Bostwick’s website to see a full list of her books as well as to read her blog, where she encourages women to ‘live every minute and love every moment‘.

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