Beginners often start with stitching squares together to make their first patchwork quilt.

Many experienced patchworkers know a simple trick to help get the seams lined up nicely when the squares are stitched together.

You need to make sure that where the seams meet, the seam allowances are pressed in opposite directions.

Can you see that the top seam is pressed to the left, and the bottom seam is pressed to the right?

(Note that this is ideally behind the darker fabric, but that rule needs to be broken sometimes – see the post on Pressing for Perfect Points for more details about this)

Then they will nestle together snugly, and automatically the seam lines will be correct.

This little video shows you how it works:

So, try to do this whenever you join squares together – it works with other units too, as you get more skilled.

If you have lots of squares to join together, it is simplest to press all the top row one way, all the second row in the other direction, and carry on alternating the direction like this for all the other rows. Then, all the seams will meet pressed in alternating directions.