As promised last month, the book for June has exactly the same title as the one we read during May; A Single Tread. The author for the June version is Tracy Chevalier.

The book takes us to Southampton and Winchester in 1930s England where we get to know Violet Speedwell, who is a ‘surplus woman’. I had never come a cross this term before and it sounded so harsh, like a woman’s life wasn’t valued if one wasn’t married. Things have moved on a bit since!

Whilst working as a typist (a typical job for a single woman of a certain age at the time), she is also joining the embroiderer group of volunteers at Winchester Cathedral. Chevalier has created an interesting story, with some strong personalities as well as dealing with a few taboos of the time.

The book is available in printed format, ebook and audio book.

Some of you may have come across other books by her, e.g. The Last Runaway, which was our first book in the UKQU Book Club back in April 2018and Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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PS. The header for this blog post was taken from the inside cover of the hardback book.