Now things are starting to begin to return to normal for everyone I will miss seeing all the beautiful projects that have been shown on the ukqu Facebook pages as people have had time to work on them.

I have been working on a shift rota within school throughout the pandemic and I’ve been been given courses to complete to enhance my personal development. I’m one of those people who get on with things they are set so I can work on things I really want too. My son has been a gem with his school work, he gets up every morning does a few hours work then reads a book for a while before practicing his guitar, which allows me time to get my courses done before I get to sew. I have to admit the maths work he’s been set has been a challenge at times.

One thing I’ve worked on is his rainbow Bargello quilt which I purchased the fabric for 3-4 years ago. It’s something I’ve not been able to hide, so when he’s seen me making it he’s been making me cups of tea to keep me going. My lovely friend has helped me to layer and pin the piece together I now have 14 days until his birthday to hand quilt and bond a quilt 😬.

One thing I’ve always struggled with is finding item to make for teenage boys, there’s lots of cute items for younger boys but once they hit those double digits there’s not much out there for them, he only needs one tablet stand and pencil case. The fabrics can be difficult to source too, which my friend can agree with too, we spent every show including foq last year searching for fabric with electric guitars on, in the end I found one choice on eBay.

I’ve been working on a list of ufos to finish, there’s one a month we choose a number to work on. This months was a gorgeous cat Hawaiian quilt, I saw it at Emma Bradford’s shop many other designs including a dog to choose from, it was a dream to make. This is made in the Hawaiian technique, then sewn around, I like these projects as I can set an amount to complete each day. It will hang in my sewing room, it’s something unusual and dramatic.

Another project I’ve been working on which is my lockdown heart quilt, is from it’s been a block of the week, something to do every week. I’ve got myself into a Friday night routine where where I’ve watched a Chris Moyles DJ set then 8pm watching Emma Bradford on Facebook do a great sewing demonstration whilst preparing the appliqué blocks.

I’m considering how to quilt this piece, at the moment echo quilting around each heart is winning in my head but this is on hold until the sons quilt is done. Any suggestions are welcome.

I hope everyone keeps safe x