When it comes to starting a new hobby, how many of you are tempted to go all in and buy all the tools and equipment you can find? It can be very expensive and overwhelming at the beginning and it’s no different with quilting.

Quilting can turn into a very expensive hobby and when you see the vast array of notions and tools you can get, it can be overwhelming.  What do you need to get started?  What tools are essential?

The following video discusses the tools that I use all the time for my quilting.  You may find it useful when it comes to choosing what your essential tools should be.

In the video, I mentioned a few other videos you may find useful.  I’ve listed them below.

Rotary Cutters-for left and right handers https://youtu.be/u9NqqbQRaKI

Using your ruler to cut angles https://youtu.be/oaUma3e_Fi0

Trimming half square triangles https://youtu.be/DC9PUnyPrfU

If you’ve been quilting for some time, I’d love to hear about your favourite tools and notions. Just leave a comment and let me know.