I couldn’t help but make a third version of my Nine Patch Daisy!

Here, I oversized the background by laying the background templates on 9” squares

changed up the nine patch and added stitch and flip 1 ¼” corners to the centre square

took 6” strips of 4 fabrics, folded them in half and freehanded 6 petals on each fabric

clip curves

and turn.

I didn’t press these to leave a more relaxed look to the petals.

Arrange around the nine patch

Do a small stay stitch to hold them in place

Sew on background as before.

Having completed this, I think it would make a perfect sunflower! My plan is now to quilt the nine patch and background, then I’ll secure the petals with a small, invisible stitch at the tip and turn this into a cushion. But as you can see, it’s really adaptable by changing up the fabric selection, going scrappy, using seasonal fabrics, or even as here, inserting petals! I think I’m going to have to try a version with folded prairie points…