Since the mini swap in 2019, which was my first mini swap I began change my taste in colour choice. Before the swap I would happily head towards blues and purples but my swap partner preferred teal so off I went on a shopping trip as there was nothing suitable in my stash. A local shop had an amazing assistant who steered me towards the teals and blenders, I’m hopeless with matching colours, I have a colour wheel and plan what colours I fancy to Include in a project but we all know that best made plans go out of the window when we see rows of lovely fabrics.

Since the first swap I took part in in 2019 I have been very brave and tried colours I would never have looked at twice before, with the exception of yellow. The festival of quilts in 2019 really opened my eyes whilst admiring the beautiful quilts whilst carefully looking at the colour combinations used in each piece and how the colours were used, especially in the pictorial quilts. Whilst shopping I often have an idea what I would like but like most of us I am open to options and can easily be swayed by a pretty fabric. I have begun to use my colour wheel to widen my colour palette, this little freebie from a magazine is worth its weight in gold. I’ve found combinations of fabrics which look amazing by following the colour wheel which I would never have tried. Here are some of the American hand pieced blocks I have worked on, these colours are beginning to grown on me!

I’m beginning to get over my colour fear, which I’m hoping will start to appear in my house decor, the other half will take some convincing so I’m starting in my bedroom which is currently white with a silver-grey wall and grey bedding, I’m hoping to get a splash of teal in there. This will be a slow steady process and I will end up decorating but I have a quilt in progress which will fit in fabulously, he has seen the quilt and said how nice it is for a traditional sampler quilt (he was much more enthusiastic about my sons Bargello quilt, which he took to show his mother!)

This quilt was a bom a steady work in progress which I will continue when I feel ready for a challenge and have some enthusiasm which sadly I am lacking at the moment, I find going to shows and just looking around gives me inspiration to continue my projects. Due to the conditions of 2020 I was luckier than most and got to Duxford show in February but now my enthusiasm has dwindled, I find myself sat in front of the tv with nothing in my hand. With half term approaching I will find a project to ease myself back into quilting and a piece of hand sewing for those cosy evenings in front of the tv.