“You are Wardrobe, aren’t you?”. It may not get down in history as the best pick-up line ever, but it was the first line spoken by Alfie to Gwen. Nonetheless, it started their friendship which soon also involved some flirting, touching and kissing when they could find some privacy.

The book for November is House of silence by Linda Gillard.


The main part of the story unfolds around Christmas time at Creake Hall in Norfolk, when Alfie reluctantly agrees to let Gwen ‘borrow’ his family instead of volunteering at the night shelter in Brighton. Gwen, being an only child and with rather unpleasant memories of Christmases past, jumps at the opportunity, even if Alfie promises her it’ll most likely be her second worst Christmas, ever.

Throughout the book, we are exposed to a variety of quilt patterns; Gwen is a bit of an expert and genuinely appreciates the dedication and work going into the making of these family heirlooms.

With it’s many twists and turns, and a somewhat unexpected plot, this story is not focused on quilting as such, but the work on one particular quilt plays an important role and after reading this story we may all appreciate the need to use the right papers for English Paper Piecing…

If you have time, may I suggest you read the book twice?

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