This is part of the Celebrations Blog Hop 2021 (#CBH2021) and I have created a pattern for a PARTY HAT using foundation paper piecing (FPP). Just select the appropriate fabrics for the occasion and it’ll be perfect for every possible celebration including e.g. birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, end of Covid party (let’s hope!), Eid, Christmas, etc.

In line with the other blocks in the Celebration Blog Hop 2021, once sewn together, you’ll have a 12.5″ (12″ finished) block.

Materials needed

Small section of the PDF pattern

Making the hat

If you are new to foundation paper piecing there’re plenty of beginner’s tutorials online and UKQU has previously suggested this tutorial by PatternTrace, but please note that you can use any paper that goes through your printer. If your printer is agreeable to slightly thinner paper than the standard 80gsm, then use that as it’ll be easier to tear off.

Print off the FPP pattern at 100% (do not ‘fit to paper’ or scale in any way).

Decrease your stitch length on your sewing machine and perhaps swap to an old needle.

  • Print the FPP pattern at 100%, no scaling.
  • Start with Section A (bobble), followed by Section B (triangular hat).
  • Sew Section A and Section B together ensuring the bobble sits nicely on top of the hat.
  • Add one 3″ x 12.5″ piece of background fabric to each side of the party hat to ensure the block reaches 12.5″ x 12.5″.

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