This my entry for CBH2021, Celebrations Blog Hop.

My initial thought was a heart and this gradually morphed into a celebration box of chocolates.

As Forest Gump said ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ and how true this is…especially in these strange times.

These are the following you’ll need to make this 50th Golden Anniversary block.

Fabric for the hearts

Black fabric for facing the hearts

‘Choc’ fabric

13” square for backing



Iron on Stabilizer

Heat n Bond

First I cut out a heart template by folding an A4 paper in half and drew half a heart from the fold about approx. 8” size. 

I found a scrap of gold fabric which was perfect for a Golden Anniversary block. It was an odd shape but I felt pretty confident I could squeeze a heart from it..…well.. I hoped.

I then quilted this fabric for the two halves of the heart using just wadding (no backing) I chose a trellis pattern which was ideal for this fabric.

I placed the folded heart template on the quilted piece and cut out approx ½” bigger all round to allow for seams.

I then marked the two halves onto the black fabric, backed it  with stabilizer and made the ’50’ using Heat n Bond and some machined letters ‘Congratulations’ and ‘th’… and raw edge appliqued the ’50’. The stabilizer was left in for more rigidity.

I then cut out the 2 halves from the quilted piece and stitched right sides together to the black halves,..I just about remembered to place the ribbon in position on the curved edge and leaving a space on the straight edge to turn through.

I snipped the edges and turned through, pressing lightly.

I hand stitched the opening with a neat ladder stitch. I was particularly proud with the pattern match when turned through.

I then top stitched close to the edge all round.

For the background I used one side of the quilt and  traced the shape onto folded Heat n Bond to make the ‘choc’ heart.

To give it a 3D effect I drew an extension to the base of the heart and for this I chose a stripey fabric.

I cut out the heart and ironed onto the wrong side of the chocolate fabric.


I checked that the 2 quilts would cover this base fabric before ironing on.

I ironed the base piece onto the wrong side of the base fabric and cut out a little wider at the top to slip under the heart.

I back with a stabilizer and machined a close narrow satin stitch all round the heart and a straight stitch to the base piece. A vertical line of black stitching defined the corner on the base piece.

I then removed all the stabilizer, layered up with wadding and backing fabric and quilted with contour lines.


With the quilting done I trimmed the edges and bound

I placed the two halves in position and stitched along the ribbon close to the heart to secure.

I pulled the ribbons together to tie into a pretty bow.

When opened up the big reveal of chocolates and the message.


Many of my other patterns contain hearts ….

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