Don’t deny it, we all have them, those unfinished quilt projects, those part made blocks, quilts and orphan blocks and what do we do with them? If you’re like me you just stick them in a box or bag and forget about them until, months, years later, you’re looking for that piece of fabric that is just going to go right with whatever you are working on now! It’s never for inspiration to make something out of them but, once you find them, take care, because whatever you’re working on now might replace that ‘quilty’ UFO!

Well, I wasn’t looking for a piece of fabric to go with something, but I did find a bag of blue fabric with some part sewn blocks (below) and a pattern for a quilt I’d fallen in love with four years ago when I first started on my quilting journey. I can’t remember what made be stray from making the quilt; quite possible that I felt I needed to start on something less adventurous as I’d only made a baby quilt and a patchwork bag up to then.

What to do with them? Only five part made diamonds would not be enough to make anything too big and, as I haven’t made many baby quilts for the Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) lately, I thought I’d make a baby quilt to donate locally.

The diamond blocks measured about 8 inch x 4½ inch so I needed at least eight of them. Luckily, there were some remnants of each colour which was enough to make the remaining diamond blocks, border and binding. With some wadding and backing fabric I quilted in using stitch in the ditch, added the binding and it turned out like this:


What next?

Before I make any quilt I tend to make a sample block out of my scrap stash first just to see if the instructions are clear to me. Lately I’ve been designing some blocks for the website Blog Hops so, making a sample block helps me to make sure I’ve got the measurements right and helps me to write the instructions as clear as possible for others to follow. Plus, I’m ‘in the zone’ now for making more baby quilts so my mind started buzzing with ideas.

Those Ribbon Bow and Envelope blocks made for the  – I decided I’d never use them for anything else so, by adding a border (and the backing, wadding and binding), they made it into the pile of baby quilts for NICU.

Here they are, simple to make and simple quilting with stitch in the ditch but they do look good:

Still in the ‘NICU baby quilt making’ zone, there were two other pieces in my UFO box that caught my eye. I found a Sickle Block, made a few years ago, looking unloved and neglected, and a left over piece from a very large quilt top that was made into two lap quilts. Again, adding borders, backing, wadding and binding they came out like this:


What’s next? Well, I still have some more UFO’s, left over HST & QSTs  (below)and a scrap stash that never seems to diminish, but they’ll just have to wait! The bloggerati have been tasked with their next secret mission … all will be revealed soon!

Have fun recycling your UFOs and if you do make something from them, pop a post with a pic on Twitter: @quiltsewgo or Instagram: quiltsewgo with the #qsgUFOs and I’ll repost.

Happy Sewing Everyone.

Carol L