There’s often debate here and at the Facebook Group around which thread is better to use for the different techniques we use in patchwork and quilting, and there’s a wealth of information around to help people choose.  Suppliers take note of all the chat going on, and Gutermann have come up with a thread especially suited for anyone who prefers to sew by hand rather than use a sewing machine.  There’s no right or wrong as to what we use or how we sew – what we use is often a personal preference.

Specially designed for hand sewing, this strong and reliable 100% cotton thread has a fine wax coating to ensure it glides through fabrics with ease.

Selecting the right thread for hand sewing helps to ensure your project runs smoothly without the thread splitting, tangling or snapping.

Gütermann creativ provides the perfect choice with this premium quality mercerized cotton hand sewing thread as it is both tear and abrasion-resistant, washable to 95 degrees and does not twist or snag when you stitch with it.

Each thread pack contains 10 x 80m reels in the most popular shades for quilting and other hand sewing projects. It represents excellent value for money at RRP £24.25 approx.

Hand sewing is so relaxing and enjoyable when using the right thread for the job and with this Hand Quilting Thread you can create quilts that are cotton through and through.  Try it out for yourself and we look forward to seeing your own creations.  Post them to the Gutermann facebook page too.