Yes – you read that right.  The organisers of the Festival of Quilts have given everyone, both here and at our sister Facebook Group an exclusive discount code to use when purchasing tickets for the 2021 Festival of Quilts.  This year’s dates are 29th July to 1st August.


The FOQ website is open for pre-registration so you can choose your entry time to suit your arrival – which will help with reducing the queues at the entrance.  The aisles will be much wider to avoid the crush sometimes seen at the popular stalls, but we can all play our own part and behave sensibly.  Use UKQU2021 when asked for a discount code.

This discount means £1.50 off adults /concession tickets in advance until the 28th July.

So you will pay £15.50 adults / £13.50 concessions instead of £17 adults / £15 concessions.

(*booking fee applies £2.50 for PAH / £2.80 for posted. please don’t grumble at this .. its standard stuff that happens every year with events like this).

Unfortunately its also been announced that the Hilton Metropole Hotel at the NEC will be closed, and the Hotel will be in touch with anyone who had bookings for the Festival period about that – if you search on the Festival of Quilts website there are links to alternative Hotels, but they are becoming booked up very quickly so you might have to cast a little further off site.