It’s was purely by coincidence that my new pattern and class, You Touched My Heart, was ready for release in National Pet Month.  Everyone that has a pet will know how much they become a part of your life, and no matter how hard you try, they fill a big space in your heart.

This is my Bear. Now Bear has been trouble right from when he was born. He was a lot bigger than his siblings and he got a bit stuck when he was being born. I had to give mum and helping hand and both mum and kittens survived.  When the kittens were a couple of months old, there was a commotion upstairs and I went up  to find he had wrapped the handle of the washing basket around his neck and he couldn’t get it off. In fact, the more he tried the tighter it got. If I hadn’t have been home, I don’t think he would have reached adulthood.

Now, for the last eight or nine months, he keeps getting a bad chest and messy nose. It’s meant trips tot he vet, steam and a wet flannel to wipe his nose. As you can imagine, that last bit isn’t very popular. Hopefully, the medication we now have will help to keep him on an even keel.

Jokingly say he’s not worth all the trouble, but I’d definitely miss him when he’s not around. In fact, he’s part of the inspiration for this pattern. That pose with the paw is exactly what Bear does when I’m in the bathroom. (Anyone else with cats not allowed to go to the toilet on their own?) He puts his paw up to tap my knee until I start giving him some attention.

There are two parts to the pattern, you can create a cushion cover or a wall hanging.  I show you how to make both in the new online class with support.  You can find all the details here.  If you can’t decide which one to make, you could make one of each like I did.  The downloadable patterns and templates are included in the cost of the class.  As it’s online, you can work at your own pace and in your own time.

Who will be your inspiration?