Block 5 is called Mystery Flower Garden. It includes the quarter-square triangle units we had in last month’s block (London Roads) and another unit consisting of two quarter-square triangles and one half-square triangle – we could call it a ‘three-triangle’ unit perhaps. If you struggle with the quarter-square triangles you could refer back to last month’s post which took you through them step-by-step.

You can download the instructions for the Mystery Flower Garden block here. They include step-by-step illustrated instructions and a page with two blocks to colour in – this helps you to decide on your colour placements, although I always seem to change my mind when it comes to translating those colourings into fabrics.

You could also consider turning the corner units the other way around as I did in the blue and yellow at the top – the corner triangles are two different blues – just make sure you turn all of them!

It may also be time to start thinking about adding the coping or sashing strips to each block. You should, by the time you have made these blocks, have a good idea of how close in size your blocks are. Ideally they should all measure 12½ inches square but will probably be approximately that measurement here and there and some may be nearer 12 in one direction and 13 in another. This is why we have coping strips – it helps to square up all the blocks to the same size before you try to join them together and without losing any points or seam allowances in the process.

If the blocks you have made so far measure more than 12 inches square then you can cut the sashing strips 1½ inches wide. If they are much smaller (on the whole) than this then you may want to cut strips 2 inches wide.

Don’t be tempted to trim the blocks at all. Just add the sashing strips around the blocks. They will be trimmed later. You add strips to opposite sides – so top and bottom and then sides (or vice versa)

Or you can add them to adjacent sides as if making a Log Cabin block.

Each width of fabric (WoF) strip will do three sides of a block usually.

And that’s all Folks. See you next month for Block 6. Although there may be the odd random post in between  . . . perhaps . . . such as what about making a quilt with just one of these blocks, or pairs of these blocks. . . hmmm . . . .