We’ve all done it, sewn a seam that turns out to be wrong and have to ‘deconstruct’ – frog the stitching (ribbit, ribbit), get Jack out (Jack the Ripper). There are many funny comments we use to try and make light of the fact that we are human and even the best of us resort to using a seam ripper on occasion.

But which are the best ones to use? Well, Fiskars have brought out a very handy version to keep close to your sewing machine. A table top seam ripper which holds fast while you use it making light work of seams. It really speeds up the undoing.

Roughly 2 1/4” round it has a suction cup underneath to attach it to your tabletop. A simple lever, pushed down, fixes it and oh my, I was surprised at how firmly it held. I took it out the packet (immediately dropped the little plastic cover which sits on the ripper point to keep it safe when not in use) and attached it to my desk. WOW! It worked really well. It took quite a pull for me to remove it without releasing the lever. I did find it best to press the little unit downwards whilst dropping the level for best adhesion.

A lot of suction cups require wetting, not hygienic at all, especially at this time when we are all trying to stay safe, but this one doesn’t need that. Pop the lever down and yup, it’s ready to go.

The little cover I dropped on opening,  stores away under the lever,  very clever little idea,  so there is no excuse for me loosing it.

I was pleased to see the blade had the little bead on the bottom fork, sometimes rippers don’t have this, but it is essential to ensure you don’t tear fabric as you use it. It’s also light enough to be added to a travel kit or workshop bag. I was really impressed and will be using it all the time.

But why is this so clever? Well, by attaching the ripper to the table you are able to use both hands to draw the seam over the blade which makes it much quicker to use, especially for longer seams. I would revert to a hand held ripper for tiny adjustments or single stitches but this will be my go to for when longer lengths require deconstructing.

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