Spring is almost over and for June we’re turning to some Amish romance with the first book in the Quilter’s Son series by Samantha Bayarr. The book is called Liam’s choice.

Liam has secretly attended school outside of the Amish community, to allow him a chance to set up his own company. Just before Liam is due to graduate his father is killed in a buggy accident and Liam is feeling guilty as it should have been him doing that buggy ride, or at least been with his father.

To atone for his guilt he escapes the family home soon after graduating and starts his life as an Englisher, leaving his sweetheart Lucy behind. Seven years later his mother’s scheming brings them all back together when she hires Liam’s company to refurbish her recently purchased dilapidated quilt shop.


Not as much actual quilting content as in most of the other books we’ve read but a quick read, sweet characters, insight into some parts of Amish life and a happy ever after.

Further reading

All four books in the series are available on Kindle Unlimited and Audible, as well as printed and as eBooks. (link to Amazon).

If you like Bayarr’s style of writing, she has PLENTY of books to her name.

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