Well,  at last the Big Build Strictly Quilting HQ is complete.  My new workshop from Dunster House is up and running.  The furniture is in,  the lights and electrics are on and,  other than those little jobs which always need finishing up, I’m in…

Moving in

It has certainly been a lot of hard work from the frustration of waiting on the weather to improve in March,  to the physicality of actually building the cabin.  Even moving in was demanding.  Setting up the furniture and decluttering my stash has meant hours sorting – I’ve not finished that yet! But still,  I held my first formal workshop on Saturday and it was a great success.  


First Workshop

There are six work areas.  Each with a desk,  access to at least three electrical sockets along with USBs at waist height,  so no more crawling around on the floor.  Each station has their own bin and,  as is sensible at the moment,  their own hand sanitiser.  I do provide refreshments in my lovely new ‘merch’ (as the kids called it! Mugs with my own logo.)  There is also a little ‘shop’, dresser unit,   for those things you might have forgotten something or for particular things required for a workshop.

Then we move to ‘my’ end of the cabin.  A specially made work desk, which I picked up from UKQU Quilters Destash group on Facebook. This has a set of drawers one side,  a cupboard at the other and a huge top – perfect for quilting.  This was made for a quilting lady who is no longer with us by her husband,  not too far from me.  I do hope she would be smiling down on the fact that it has come to a good home.  My stash,   everything from a half meter or long quarter up,   is being wound onto comic boards.  These are A4 pieces of light cardboard which were originally designed to care for comics.  They have the advantage of being acid free so are excellent for storing fabric.  These are going into the storage I bought which fits well on the end of the worktable  –  also means that everything is close to hand.  I store all my FAs in CD racks.  Again,  these are the perfect size for storing a large number of Fat Quarters and can again be found quite cheaply second hand.    I have aimed to reuse/recycle various pieces of furniture where possible as I think this aligns with the ethics of patchwork  –  making something new from the old.  Talking of which,  the dog needed his bed to be positioned and the cats although both need a revamp.   Let’s just say I’ve had to make a special removable cover for one of the chairs that the cat had adopted!

Mother’s Day this year I received a wonderful gift  –  a label maker (and the first thing I labeled? You guessed it – the label maker!)  This is great for ensuring that each location is labelled and so,   is easy to find again. Each item will have a home to ensure that stuff doesn’t get out of hand.   I’ll try and keep to this but return in a year and we’ll see……..

View from the garden

As to the grand launch of workshops?  Well,  I’m starting with weekly sit and sews on Monday mornings at Strictly Quilting HQ and will slowly build up.  We still have plenty of work to finish outside the cabin to improve the access,   from a large deck to the pathway through the garden plus the general tidying up the mess we made putting in a huge concrete slab.  Overall,  we are getting there and I certainly have a fantastic space for sewing.  Right – why am I still typing???  I’m off to the cabin!