There is a lot of chat in the social media, including our own UK Quilters United about this years Festival of Quilts.  Will it happen, won’t it.  What’s the entry criteria.  what’s needed and more.

We aim here at the website to support our membership in whatever way we can, so on this occasion we went to the top and spoke with Anna Baptiste, the Director of the Show.   If she doesn’t know whats going on then nobody will.  Here’s what she had to say:

Announcement from The Festival of Quilts organisers

We’re aware that some incorrect information about this year’s Festival of Quilts has been circulating across social media and we want to set the record straight.

The Festival of Quilts is going ahead as planned! A small number of traders /exhibitors have sadly chosen to cancel their stands this year, but the show will go on! The only change to this will be in the unlikely event that the ‘open date’ of 19th July is extended by the Government.

  1. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Government on what the guidelines will be from 19th July onwards. What is stated on our website is correct at the moment, but it is subject to change.
  2. If the government deem that attendees need to provide proof of vaccination or show a negative test result, be assured we want to make this as easy as possible for people. The ideal format is the NHS app but if that isn’t possible, we will accept the card, a print-out and many other forms of proof. The same applies to negative test results. We will confirm this to all ticket bookers once we know more, but be assured we are not trying to make it difficult and we don’t intend to turn anyone away!
  3. We are planning to have a box office on site, but it will have fewer ‘booking windows’ than usual. We encourage everyone to please book in advance as this
    a) allows us to better manage the flow of visitors and b) will reduce your queuing time at the show. It will be possible to book tickets online throughout the duration of the show, but again we urge visitors to please book as early possible.

Finally, we appeal to all visitors to please check directly with us with any questions about the show. We are working in a very difficult context and we still don’t have all the answers ourselves but we are doing our very best!

Anna has also explained they will be updating their website regularly so if you would like to know more about what they are doing to keep everyone safe use this link