Not knowing what to expect I casually headed towards the Quilts on display.

The first quilt I saw was a memory Quilt, it touched me like you wouldn’t believe.

It was then I realised that a quilt was a lot more than I ever imagined. It wasn’t just a piece of work created by someone who enjoys sewing, each one told a story, captured a memory or was made as a tribute.

After spending a year living with Covid19 it was no surprise that many Quilts were symbolic of this awful pandemic and the way it affected each and every one of us.

Some were simplistic but extremley effective.

Others were so detailed, I couldn’t begin to imagine just how many hours were spent on it, from design to finished product.

My preference would always be a traditional quilt, but I still admire and appreciate contemporary work.

When a quilt isn’t a quilt it doesn’t mean its not quilted!

Sometimes a quilt makes a statement and is very current.
The use of different materials and mixed media can add interest and impact