We all have our favourite threads depending on what you are using them for. I love pure cotton for patchwork and quilting, a little ‘old school’ but hey… If (and when) I eventually invest in a long arm at Strictly Quilting I may end up going for poly cottons but until then, I tend to save those for clothing.

Why do I prefer to use poly-cotton for clothing? I find, as it’s a stronger thread, it stands up to the rough wear and tear we put our clothes through on a daily basis. I know I’m not alone when I say some of my seams can be strained sometimes (still on the diet) but when I was lucky enough to be sent a Gütermann Sew All Thread pack, I thought I’d test it out.

The packs come with six large spools, 250m, in the popular colours of white, black, dark grey, ecru and navy. The colours are ideal for work or school clothing which always seem to need repair in my home. My son works in hospitality and is frequently tearing or busting seams on his white shirts or black trousers. This pack helped make my pile of repairing disappear very quickly!

As the spools are larger they are more cost effective in the long run. I find it runs through my sewing machine well. I would recommend this pack for those of us who want to stick to the repair/recycle ideology rather than the ‘fast fashion’ of the moment – the buying another because it is so cheaply made. But this starts another debate……

The second pack that I received was a six pack of the 30wgt pure cotton thread. Again a mix of six colours, this time black, white, ecru, grey, navy and a rich red. This are ideal of quilting and would again make a great starter pack. As we all know, when quilting a larger quilt you need so much thread that these would probably be too small but they are perfect for those smaller items – place mats, runners or purses and bags. The red is a particularly lovely Christmas red. As I was thinking about Christmas – both these packs would make an ideal stocking gift for anyone who had just started out on their sewing journey.

A sewing machine repair man did once say to me that Gütermann was a thread which could be trusted to work consistently well and I’ve always found that to be the case. There are many other threads I use but these Gütermann threads are certainly ones I return too regularly.